The Art of Sports Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

“Is it possible to win in sports betting and where is melhores previsões para desporto?” – is a question asked by the vast majority of those who have recently started or are just about to start playing betting. Some people ask search engines something like “How to get rich with betting” or “How to make money with betting”. This article contains some answers and advice from people who have first-hand knowledge of betting.

Let’s face it: a beginner should first get to grips with the basic concepts, and then be interested in the “money” issues. Yes, it is possible to win in sports betting, but the right goals and the right knowledge are important. We strongly recommend you to start in the right way!

What is sports betting

Sports betting is an intellectual bet between a punter and a bookmaker: the punter makes a prediction about a sporting event and bets the money that the prediction is correct, which is explained here: If the bet is right, he gets his money back with a profit, if he loses the bet, he loses the money.

The bookmaker gives each bet a coefficient (quotation) assessing the probability of this event. Russian bookmakers use European odds, which are displayed as a decimal fraction. If the bet turns out to be successful (the player’s prediction is correct), the sum bet is multiplied by the odds offered by the bookmaker, which is the amount of the payout for the successful bet.

The stake multiplied by the odds is the amount the bookmaker pays the player if the bet wins. The net payout is only the profit: the amount of the bet paid out is deducted from the payout.

The bookmaker’s quotes can change, both due to the number and size of bets placed on the event and due to a decrease/increase in its probability. Experienced punters also call the odds the “price” of the offered event: everyone can either choose to bet at the offered price, or refuse if they think it is wrong.

Bookmaker’s office: what you need to know before you start playing

How to register at a bookmaker’s office

Is it possible to win in sports betting?

Of course, it is possible to win in sports betting. You can see for example in Legalbet rating of predictors, which presents successes and failures of each expert and handicapper of our website at a long distance. The statistics is made openly, so you can see on the rating page that not everyone makes accurate forecasts and chooses winning bets. Though all the prognosticators without exception know the sport they predict very well.

Condition one: the right perception

Betting should be enjoyable, and that’s the main thing anyone reading all about sports betting for beginners needs to learn. They can (and will) lose, and they need to be prepared for that.

The perception of betting as a game and as a hobby has several significant advantages at once:

it keeps you from losing your mind and risking large sums of money (by the way, reason is very much needed in this game);

it helps to develop prediction skills, rather than bookmaker error-seeking skills (as opposed to being fixated on money matters);

it gives what betting should give: more drive, more healthy excitement, and more emotion when watching a match.

Condition two: control the bankroll (gaming budget)

For the beginner, the advice is simple: you can only bet an amount that you would not mind losing. Betting twice as much after a successful bet is a bad start. Trying to win back after losing is an even worse start. Experienced gamblers know how our brain works: one beginner’s win (especially if it’s a big one) can “eclipse” a lot of previous and subsequent losses. Purely psychologically. If you have seriously decided to master the art (science?) of sports betting, start keeping a record of all bets made, as well as every win and every loss.

Condition three: working with information

Knowing how to work with information, correlate facts and get up-to-date data in time is the basis of the basics and the most important thing when choosing a bet. It is not enough to believe in the team you want to bet on: it is important to understand the team’s form right now, its motivation to win, whether the squad you have booked for the match is good enough, etc.

To make this condition easier for football or hockey betting fans: in the betting centre section of Legalbet, you can always select the desired match from the list and get up-to-date information about it.

The novice gambler should also remember that the bookmaker always has a mathematical advantage when playing for money. Of course, there are a small percentage of players who are better bettors at a distance, but not for beginners, which only comes with experience, and not for everyone. A beginner can count on luck at first, and use knowledge of sports as an aid in making an informed choice of betting options.