Payment lines in casino slots

Payment lines in casino slots

Those who are familiar with the history of slot machines, know that the first one-armed bandit was only one line for payments. And later, when new manufacturers sought to make their slot machines more attractive to players, games on such machines began to grow more and more gaming elements and, along with it – payline.

Also in online gembling . First there were classic slots with three drums, as the first slot machine on the Internet from Microheiming in the mid-1990’s, and then the development of casino software began to develop rapidly and in a couple of decades has reached an outstanding scale.

For some time, the standard number of paillines was considered: 5, 9, 20, 25. But the creators of slot machines sought to make a variety and in a few years went far beyond the classics. Although there are still such developers that I create games, sticking to the previous characteristics. But their products are increasingly attracting the attention of gamblers and such slots are mediocre rating positions.

Payment lines in casino slots

Now there are such slot machines, the mechanism which theoretically contains an infinite number of lines. This function appeared in late 2019 and it was used by the developer Reel Play. Guys from NetEnt instantly picked up the idea and released a slot with endless drums Gods of Gold Infinireels. More precisely, as they claim, they worked on a slot with similar functionality in parallel by pure chance. And netentovaya game since the release takes the lead among the most popular slot machines.

What is initially a unique feature, if players like it, very quickly picked up by other developers and it appears in new games in an attractive combination with other functional elements of the slot.
To complement the information about paylines, it is not hurt to note variations such as:

243 lines – when to get a combination on a slot with a 5×3 scheme is enough that the same characters fall out on subsequent reels, one after another (eg, Immortal Romance, Girls With Guns);
1024 lines – the same principle as in the above mentioned paintlines, but on a slot with a scheme 5×4 (5 reels and 4 horizontals), as in slots Lion King or Jungle Spirit;
with an increasing number of lines on a winning combination, as in Tahiti Gold or IO;
Clusters Pays payout mechanics – winnings are counted on accumulations of symbols that meet certain conditions, usually touching the horizontal and vertical (Twisted Sister, TNT Tumble);
Megaways – on one reel different number of symbols can fall out and maximum winning variations can reach hundreds of thousands (Bonanza, Legend of the Nile);
two directions – the feature of charging the winning credits, where not only the lines from left to right, but also from right to left are considered.