Correct betting strategy

Financial management in betting is something with which
Financial management in betting is something with which

In order for bets to bring a stable income, you need to find an answer to two questions: “how to be in the black in the bookmaker’s office” and “how to properly distribute the bank”. And the second question is even more important. Financial management in betting is something with which you can earn more in successful moments and stay afloat in times of failure. You can start playing on the best sports betting platform by doing melbet cadastro .

How to choose the optimal bet size?
Fixed amount

The easiest way to distribute your bankroll is to split it into equal parts. Having a thousand rubles, you can make ten bets at one hundred rubles or twenty at fifty.

The number of bets that the bankroll will be divided into depends on the skill of the bettor. The higher the percentage of guessing events, the less often the player will lose money. This means that you can increase the size of each bet and get more income from each.

The division of the bankroll into parts also depends on the type of bets that the bettor is going to make. For a pre-match, it is enough to make ten bets and forget about them until the winnings are paid. If we are talking about live, then it is better to have a large stock of bets: you will not only need to make basic bets, but also insure some pre-match bets, and profitable options will also appear, and it is better if one or two bets remain in reserve.

Fixed bets are most easily perceived by betters: it is always clear how many bets are left and what will be the result in case of winning or losing. Fixed rates are dangerous for newbies – you can quickly lose the bank. For the strategy to work, you need to guess more than fifty-five percent of the events with odds 1.8-1.9.

Fixed percentage

As an alternative to the first method with an equal amount of bets, a strategy using a fixed percentage of the bank is often used. With this approach to financial management in betting, the player never knows in advance how much he will bet on the next event.

Let’s say the bettor has 1000 rubles and he decided to place bets in the amount of 5 percent of the bank. In this case, the first bet will be 50 rubles. And the bettor will have to wait for the results of this bet.

If the bet is played with odds of 2, then the bettor’s bank is now 1,050 rubles. The next rate is determined as 5 percent of this amount, that is, it will be 52.5 rubles.

If the bet is not played, then 950 rubles remain in the bank. The next rate will be less – 47.5 rubles.

Using such a strategy, the bettor practically cannot go broke, since the amount of the bet in case of frequent losses will be reduced, preventing the bank from quickly spending. For the same reasons, the wagering process becomes more difficult. With smaller bets, the winnings will be less. Better will have to place more bets.

Correct betting strategy
Fixed income

Betters offer another answer to the question of how to properly distribute the pot. According to the fixed income strategy, it is not necessary to form a bet – what the player can lose, but the gain – what the player wants to get. On the best betting site, you can even bet on esports, melbet cadastro.

Let’s say a player has 1000 rubles and he wants to earn 50 rubles from each bet. Next, you need to build on the coefficient. If the teams give 1.5 for the victory, then the bettor will bet 100 rubles and will hope for the desired outcome. If successful, the bettor’s bank will amount to 1050 rubles. And the better will calculate the next bet in the same way: based on the coefficient and the desired income.

The strategy is good in terms of predicting profitability – the bettor always knows exactly how much he will earn with a certain percentage of success in his predictions. On the other hand, the pursuit of high returns at low odds can quickly empty a player’s bank.

Floating amount

In all fairness, a floating-amount strategy is not a strategy. This strategy involves changing the amount of the bet depending on the mood of the bettor. If you are confident that the bet will work, you can raise the amount. Otherwise, omit. The bet can be raised to win back the loss, it can be lowered so as not to run into an unexpected outcome.

The motivation for changing the bet amount should be extremely rational. In no case should you give in to emotions and do it thoughtlessly. Otherwise, this is not following a strategy, but the first steps towards losing the bank.

Major mistakes in bank management
All-in game

Playing all-in is perhaps the most common mistake made by beginner players. It is allowed on emotions: both negative and positive.

Usually everything looks like this: the player makes several bets and loses. Then he notices an event with a good odds, which should definitely come in, and the winnings should cover all previous losses. The player makes an all-in bet and looks forward to the outcome. In this situation, the bettor turns from a sports analyst into a participant in the lottery, giving the chance the opportunity to dispose of their funds. It is not right. The better should always be in control of the process. Better to switch to a fixed interest strategy and try to gradually win back your pot.